Our adoptable dogs are listed below. We try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible.

Please read all info below before proceeding:

  • Please make sure you are ready to adopt before filling out an application. While we don't charge a fee to submit an application we can understand why some rescues do. A lot of time is spent reviewing applications. Time that can be spent caring for the dogs. To do all that only to be told that you now aren't ready or have changed your mind is time consuming.
  • Please read all info posted about the dogs and if we say the dogs needs a fenced yard and you don't have one please don't proceed.
  • Because these are rescued dogs, we don't usually know who the parents are so breed listings are usually an educated guess.

We DO NOT adopt out to homes with INVISIBLE/SHOCK FENCING and
can provide you some info if you would like to understand why we feel this way.


  • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE WILLING TO MAKE A LIFETIME COMMITMENT TO THIS PET. If you are interested in one of the dogs listed below, please fill out an application and we will contact you.
  • A vet reference and home visit are required. Please check our PetFinder profile to see our most up-to-date adoptable dog list.


Miniature Pinscher & Terrier Mix • Young • Female • Small

Coco looks like a MinPin that put her finger in a light socket... she has tufts of hair sticking out all over her face. This girl has such a personality from dancing when she gets excited to backing her but up to you when you are picking her up. She also LOVES kisses and will push her head against your lips for more!! She is a happy girl that loves to run around with the other dogs here but she chases the cats so she would probably do better in a cat free home (at least it would be better for the cats). She has never hurt them but she loves to watch them run!! She isn't a big fan of walking on a leash so a fenced in yard would be best for her. Her adoption fee is $250.00 and she has been spayed, vetted and microchipped.

Apply to adopt Coco.


Chihuahua • Senior • Male • Small

Spike is a 10 year old Chihuahua. He is the sweetest boy and makes you understand why so many people love the breed. He was rescued from a hoarding case. Spike likes to be around the other dogs (as long as they don't come near his food). He has no problem getting around and runs and plays in the yard, but then comes in for a long snooze. He likes to cuddle under the covers and go for long car rides. He is available for our reduced price senior to senior adoptions.

Apply to adopt Spike.


Dog • Terrier • Adult • Female • Small

Darby’s breed is a guess…part terrier, part Yorkie, possibly even part Powderpuff Chinese Crested dog. Whatever the breed, she is an absolute sweetheart. Her age is also a guess, they said about 6 but we think she acts very young for her age! She has a lot of personality. So far she has loved everyone she has met. She is doing great with her potty manners, doesn’t mind the snow, and even likes to hike in the woods. She’s smart, learns quickly, and likes to please. Darby is a gentle girl who loves to cuddle, and she would like nothing more than to sleep under the covers with you, but she is no couch potato. One minute she can be asleep at your feet and the next she is running around the house, up and down the stairs, flying through the air and jumping in your lap. While Darby does get along well with other dogs, she can be highly reactive when she is on a leash and sees anything that excites her (i.e. dogs, people, cars, squirrels). She would do best in a country home with a large fenced in yard and somewhere she can go for walks with minimal distractions. Darby is very content living with her foster family and they love her like crazy, but their lifestyle may not be the best fit for Darby. They are very willing to keep her until they have found the perfect match for her…a wonderful family, a country home, and a fenced yard (not shock fencing). Please…only apply to adopt Darby if you live locally and can meet these requirements. She is available for our senior to senior half price adoption.

Apply to adopt Darby.


Pit Bull Terrier & Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix • Young • Female • Medium

Belle is a beautiful girl who was rescued from a dog pound in S.C. She is one smart, lovable dog who likes to play with the dogs here and ignores the cats. She is looking for a home with Pit-bull experience, a fenced yard, and no small children. She just wants to be loved and will give it back tenfold. Her adoption fee is $350.00 and she has been fully vetted and micro-chipped.

Apply to adopt Belle.




Labrador Retriever & German Shepherd Dog Mix • Young • Male • Medium

Cooper is a 70 pound love bug. He was adopted with his brother Leonard when they were puppies and has been returned a year later to find a new home because his family will be traveling a lot. We would love for him to be adopted with his brother but know that probably isn't possible and feel that he would also do well on his own. He would do best in a fenced in yard. He has been vetted, neutered and microchipped and his adoption fee is $300.00

Apply to adopt Cooper.


Pug & Jack Russell Terrier Mix • Young • Female • Small

Noodles is a 1 1/2 year old mix that loves to run and play with the other dogs here. Her breed is just a guess. She is not fond of being crated and is housetrained so we feel a crate isn't necessary for her. Noodles would be happiest with a doggie friend to play with and a fenced in yard to run around in. She is the happiest girl that likes to be with you and sleeps in bed with you. Her adoption fee is $250.00.

Apply to adopt Noodles.


Lhasa Apso & Maltese Mix • Adult • Female • Small

Sprite is an estimated 8 year old that was found as a stray in the city. She was so matted she had to be shaved down to her skin and her soft hair is finally growing back. She is a very scared little girl who needs an understanding home that will give her the time to learn that people are good. She must have been treated very badly in the past but we see glimmers of trust starting to emerge. She would do best in a quiet home with no children and a patient family. She is available for our senior to senior half price adoption fee of $100.

Apply to adopt Sprite.